When Will I Ever Need Math?

PaycheckAs a high school math teacher, I often hear this comment from my students: “When will I ever need to use math?” That’s a fair question. Here are a few compelling reasons I can offer students (and adults). See what you think. Notice that the level of math required increases as you move down the list.

The Oxymoron of Extra Credit

The nimiety of excuses that students offer to ask for extra credit near the end of a semester is truly remarkable. Regardless of the pretense, why ask for extra credit when the regular credit was not even attempted? Truly, extra credit is for the student who has completed all of the regular credit, and who wants to apply and synthesize what he’s learned in a challenging extracurricular way. This extension of curriculum aspect is why students never complete “extra” credit — because they can’t!

Lady Skins Raise Money for Guthrie Breast Care Fund

The Lady Redskin Basketball Team raised funds and awareness for the  Guthrie Breast Care Fund! The Ladies worked closely with the both Sayre and Towanda chapters of the National Honor Society. In the end, the two schools were able to present an astounding $2,827 to the Fund during the game with the Black Knights. Sayre won 47-5.

Photo credit: Daniel M. Polinski

Pictured here with the Pink Game Plaque and total dollar amount are Redskin Seniors (L to R):  Jayce Henry, Andi Noldy, Molly Ball, Kaeli Sutryk and Chloe Tracy.

As usual, making us all Redskin Proud!

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My grandfather once told me that there were two kinds of people: those who do the work, and those who take the credit. He told me to be in the first group; there was much less competition.

Indira Ghandi