3 Things All Successful Students Do

Welcome to 2016-17’s first edition of 3-point Thursday! Thanks for stopping by. Have you ever wondered what the real secret to success is? It is surprisingly simple. Not easy. But simple.


Here are three things that all successful students do…

1. Successful students are quick to act on new information.

Successful people love to learn. They willingly, joyfully, and enthusiastically implement what they have learned. And they do so quickly. This group views learning as an opportunity to hit the ground running as they begin their pursuit of happiness. These students are fanatical about taking new ideas and using them to improve whatever it is they are working on.

2. Successful students act even though they’re unsure of the outcome.

Point number 1 leads into point number 2. Successful students act even when they are unsure of the results. They are not worried, for instance, to try a tough calculus problem only to discover they tried the wrong technique. They learn from the mistake and try a different technique. Successful students understand that they are not going to be great at something that they have just learned. They know doing homework provides the hours of deliberate practice needed to eventually flourish.

Whoever makes the most mistakes wins.

Richard Farson

3. Successful students value their time.

Finally, all successful people value their time, not just students. They do not waste their hours with time sucks like social media, video games, and gossip. They recognize that time is the most precious commodity; it’s the one thing we can’t make more of. Successful people recognize our days are numbered. Accordingly, they squeeze as much value out of every moment they can.


The thing to remember is that our past does not determine our future. We are who we choose to be. Recognizing good habits helps us all make good choices.

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