Are You Always Late?

Three-point Thursday

I read a report just this morning suggesting that chronic lateness is a mental disorder. What!? How can that be? I guess this just goes to show that you can clinicalize anything. But in the spirit of not making excuses for annoying behavior, I am going to focus on three legitimate reasons why people run late. Love being on summer time…

1. You Are a Perpetual Optimist

The perpetual optimist always believes that tasks will take less time than they actually do. For example, getting from point A to point B may actually take 25-30 minutes depending on traffic. The perpetual optimist assumes everything will go perfectly and will only take them 15-20 minutes.

2. You Are a Poster Child of Efficiency

People who are chronically late do not like waiting. They could be accomplishing something else in the meantime. But to be on time, you really have to be ready early, and that means waiting to leave. Very inefficient.

3. You Don’t Like Waiting for Others

Have you ever actually gotten to an event on time only to find that you are the only one present? That can be a little unsettling. For this reason alone, many people decided to show up late.

Bottom line, go easy on yourself. Unless you’re late for court or need postmark for your tax return before midnight, there really is no need to worry. In a hundred years, will anyone remember (or care) that you were a few minutes late? Remember, everything runs late. Dentist appointments run late. Garbage pick-up runs late. Newspaper deliveries run late.

Relax and get on summer time!