Are You Playing it Safe?

IThe Matrix, the protagonist is offered a choice — red or blue. And no he wasn’t talking about Sayre’s school colors…

Neo Anderson is told by Morpheus that his very existence is an illusion. Morpheus explains that by taking the blue pill, Neo can keep living that lie. But by taking the red pill, he can find out how deep the rabbit hole goes. Neo takes the red pill.


The red pill is a metaphor for acknowledging true reality, even though that choice may lead to a difficult path. Neo was living in the computer-generated world to which he had become so accustomed. While this world allowed him to survive, he felt held back — that he could never thrive. To become the person he was capable of being, Neo had to choose the cold hard reality represented by the red pill.

As students, you face a daily choice to take the red pill or blue pill. Is the gossip you share really living? Or is that the moral equivalent of the blue pill? Is your math teacher really out to get you, or are you avoiding the fact that you’re not working very hard. Why not choose reality? It’s the only place we humans truly thrive. Nobody ever said earning an education was easy, just that it was worth it. Accept the reality of your current state, and strive to change it. Only then will you be all you were designed to be.

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