Parents follow students schedule and meet teachers

Thanks to all the parents and students who were able to make it to tonight’s open house! I just got home from “Back to School” night, and I am excited about all the students and parents I got to see tonight! Although there was only one Statistics section this year, I saw what seemed like way more parents than last school year.

I think the Stats students was excited for the flipped classroom. I know I’m excited to give it a go. This year I will be flipping the Stats class. Right here on Planet Numeracy, students will be logging in for small reading assignment or a content video. Then we’ll spend class time working on problems in the computer lab using Minitab. I hope they like what I have planned for them! I had a blast learning how to build the course.

flipped graphicAlthough I ran out of time this summer to produce a full flipped course for Algebra, those students will be getting a flavor. They will be given logins for Planet Numeracy and a course document catalog. Next season, that class will be flipped as well!

Best wishes for all my colleagues and all our students as we kick off a great 2015-16 school year!