Hard Work Trumps Talent

The world is full of individuals who think they’re entitled to success, because they were born intelligent. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. On the other hand, there are also individuals who may not have the “bandwidth” to learn as easily and quickly as their higher IQ counterparts, but their positive attitude and willingness to work hard (and not give up) leads them to success. Hard worker who perseverance are far more valuable to an organization than entitled whiners.

Learning is a verb

Whether it’s learning how to use trig identities, how to write macros in your spreadsheet, or just how to use a new toaster oven, learning requires effort. Learning is a VERB. It’s something you DO… not something that happens to you. People can’t catch learning; it’s not a common cold. And if something is easy to learn, then it probably doesn’t have much value in the marketplace.

Act with joy and enthusiasm

Whether it’s school, a job, or a volunteer activity, show up and work hard. Do so willingly, joyfully, and enthusiastically. This will set you apart from smart people who are lazy complainers. Plus, there’s that Universal Law of Reciprocity thingy… Whatever you do for other eventually comes back to you ten-fold.

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