Cheaters are Cheating Themselves

No matter how many times I administer an exam, I will never cease to be amazed at the number of students who seem to have no qualms whatsoever about cheating.  And if they’re not cheating, they’re having a serious cases of:

  • sideward eyeball straining syndrome,
  • chin-grabbing, head-twisting neck-cracking phenomenon,
  • back-bending trichotillomania,
  • pencil-dropping disease,
  • and so forth…

Just know this, cheaters…

Cheating is the most egregious violation of academic integrity in which you can engage.

If the teacher wants to know what your neighbor knows, she’ll look at their test results.  But she wants to know what you have learned.  This is how teachers fine-tune their instructional content.  When you copy all the answers from someone else, you may be fooling the teacher temporarily.  But ultimately, you’re fooling yourself.  When the teacher thinks you have learned a concept (that you really haven’t because you cheated), she advances the sequence of the curriculum.  In reality, the cheater knows nothing and feels even more lost as their non-cheating counterparts grow in depth of knowledge and further learning.

By cheating, you have made it even more likely that you will need to continue cheating to maintain your facade of learning.  I suppose this self-created need is like being addicted to drugs.  In a manner of speaking, the cheater spends much of the school year “chasing the first high” until they finally crash.  And like the addict, the blame off-loading begins.

Bottom line… stop cheating.  You’re better than that.

Studying does work.  Trust your teacher.

And above all else, show some self-respect.