Do You Have a Growth Mindset?

Growth Mindset

The growth mindset is also known as the abundance mindset. These individuals believe that even though they may not experience success straight out of the gate, that with continued effort, they will achieve their goal.

Youngsters’ brains are malleable. This means that the harder a person works at learning, the more their brain actually grows. The information superhighway of the brain is primed for growth during adolescence. In order for this brain growth to occur, a person will undoubtedly need to experience failure again and again. The person with a growth mindset does not view failure as terminal, but rather as an opportunity to learn and grow. This is why teachers allow do-overs, why schools have grade improvement, and why grown-ups have bankruptcy courts.

The tortoise exhibits the growth mindset. He knows that the only chance he has to beat the hare is to stay the course and not give up.

Fixed Mindset

The fixed mindset, or scarcity mindset, is exhibited by individuals who see life (and school) as a zero-sum game. For someone to win, they believe someone else has to lose.

Fixed mindset students will make an excuse for failure, then quit trying. They view failure as a permanent state from which there is no recovery. And they view the success of others as being lucky or smart.

The hare exhibits the fixed mindset. He believes that since he is faster than the tortoise that he will be guaranteed to win the race.

Are you like the tortoise or the hare?

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