Getting the Most out of Academic Enhancement

Three-point Thursday

After 15 years, I have seen a lot of things that work as well as a lot of things that do not work for students during the Academic Enhancement period. Today’s three-point Thursday article highlights my top three pointers. These are the three main habits I have seen from students who seem to be experiencing the most success using this academic period.


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1. Dig a Well Before You’re Thirsty.

Some students remember to get a pre-signed pass. (Many students do not.) They waste the first few minutes of 9th period “listening” to announcements, and the next few minutes finding their pass book, digging for a pencil, etc. By the time they get to their destination, there may only be 15 minutes to do what they were intending to do.


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2. Stay Focused.

Once you get to your destination, remaining on task can be a challenge, because many students do not use Academic Enhancement in the manner that policymakers intended. There is a great deal of talking and tomfoolery. Until Tutorial makes a comeback, the behavior of others is something that bona fide students have ben contending with (if not just plain tolerating) for years. Some students look for the most secluded desk in the room. Another tactic is to take the desk that is farthest away from students that are known occupiers.


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3. Make Hay While the Sun is Shining.

Thirty minutes is not much time to do anything substantive, so you must be selective. Cut out any extraneous activity and pleasantries. Also bear in mind what you’re asking. Asking a handful of questions of your math teacher is doable. Recreating a 90 minute bio lab? Not so much.

As always, common sense rules the day. Academic enhancement can be a challenge to navigate, but proper planning and an awareness of your objectives will keep you headed in the right direction.

Share your 9th period tactics. There’s a free homework pass for the best three comments!