Hello again!

Welcome to the new Planet Numeracy™ website/blog. This undertaking has been a long time in coming. I hope that readers — and soon listeners — will learn something from the interaction.

New Stuff

Like I said, Planet Numeracy™ has undergone some changes. And with those changes has come a new look. This year, I am also in the process of adding a podcast. I hope to interview guests once the show is rolling. Colleagues, former students, athletes, etc.

Although I’m struggling with a name, the podcast is set to debut Tuesday, September 5, 2017. I hope to focus on the art of teaching and learning. Maybe that a good show name — The Art of Teaching or The Art of Learning.

Educational professionals — especially newbies — will appreciate the classroom hacks I share . I also anticipate many students enjoying an “insiders” viewpoint when teachers discuss hot topics. And there will be many classroom hacks for students as well.

What are the latest must have iPhone apps? How can you maximize smart phones in the classroom? How to post video YouTube? And much much more.

I’ll talk about all things educational along with special focus on the importance of student-life balance for academic performance. Students are busier than they have even been, so this balance has never been more needed.

And perhaps the most important key to success? Learning that balance of work, play, and rest.

Old Stuff

I still have free online flipped course content for ACE Statistics class. I have also curated a substantial amount of video content for ACE Calculus. Algebra 2 and Pre-algebra are undergoing creation by will serve as document repositories the way Algebra 1 did for me, and I will expand those as times allows. These courses are sometimes years in the making depending on my schedule.

I am also working on some evergreen content for YouTube as well as for premium courses that will be offered to the general public for a premium.

In case you’re wondering, all the previous content (i.e., blog posts) has been made private. Members may still have access, but new content is all that will be visible to the public beginning with this post.