Put the shovel down!

When I was in school, I could sometimes get myself into a predicament. I remember getting a mid-quarter “Warning Notice” from Mrs. Vardakis for a low grade in Life Science. In an effort to avoid consequences, I kept the note from my parents and hid it in my desk in my bedroom. What did I think? That the teacher would never wonder where the note went or call my parents? Worse than that happened. My mom found the warning notice in my desk, and I got in far more trouble than I would have had I just been more up front with my struggles.

ShovelDownThe moral of the story? If I ever found myself in a hole again, the first thing I would do was put the shovel down! I learned that I couldn’t get out by digging out the bottom. That just made my hole deeper.

By concealing the warning notice from my parents, I made my situation worse, not better. Not only was I in bigger trouble with my parents, but I delayed getting the help that I needed.

If you ever find yourself in a pickle, the best first step is to stop doing the things that may have contributed to the pickle in the first place.

The second best step is to ask for help.