Teachers Are Here to Pump… You Up!

Are you a girly man?  In last week’s post, I juxtaposed whether you may be allowing your comfort zone to sabotage your success.


This is your brain on grade school arithmetic. (Photo credit: SNL)

A funny thing about comfort zones is that they are so comfortable, we often don’t realize that we are wallowing around in them.  Having said that, I often hear math students longing for their old comfort zones… the comfort zone of easy math problems.

Man, Algebra sucks.  I wish I was still in kiddie math.

Think about this…

You don’t ever see a big dude at the gym walking around saying,

Man, benching 405 sucks.  I wish I was still using little pink dumbbells.

Photo credit: M&F

This is you brain on calculus. (Photo credit: M&F)

The next time you catch yourself longing for the comfy bean bag days of place value, think about your brain.  Do you want to have a little girly-man brain?  Or do you want your brain to be hulkitudinous?

(That last part should be spoken with a thick Austrian Hans and Franz accent!)