Is your comfort zone sabotaging your success?

I used to be a competitive swimmer, first in high and then in college. In high school I was okay. I didn’t rewrite the record books or anything, but three teammates and I did qualify for the PIAA State Championship Meet. Our main goal? Break the 9-year old school record in the 400 freestyle relay. We missed… by three tenths of a second!


It wasn’t until a year later when I was training in college that I realized I was letting my comfort zone sabotage my success. More accurately, fear of leaving my comfort zone. An upperclassman finally said, “Bro, you’re just afraid to hurt. Pool gutters are for puking.” This little “pep talk” got me to thinking. How could I race faster in a meet if I wasn’t willing to train faster in practice? My fear of pain was keeping me stuck in mediocrity.

With your academics, I think the fear of doing something uncomfortable keeps is what keeps most mediocre students from popping. Over he decades, I have watched hundreds of students who finally got the needle to move. How did they do it?  For starters, they quit playing the victim. Then they did something uncomfortable to change their situation. Finished an assignment. Wrote that paper. Once they started doing something about their problem (besides complain), they started reaching their goals.

What are you afraid of?