SHS Educator Remembered

Gone, but never to be forgotten

NickSayre’s own Mr. Sikora went to be with the Lord last week. While we are all deeply saddened, his presence will live on forever here at Sayre High School. He was a legend in his own time, and our fond memories are what will live on. We are all better people for having known Mr. Sikora.

The photo below is a testament to just how beloved he was. In his memory, the entire faculty and staff dressed Sikora-esque last Wednesday.


According to legend, Nick typically dressed in a white button-down and Khakis many of the first few years of his tenure. As always, Nick had a logical reason. He once told me that his student-teacher coop dressed in this fashion, and he did this out of respect and honor to his coop.

Nick was actually on the interview team that hired me, so I guess you could say he helped launch my SHS career.

In addition, students and faculty positioned a basket of remembrance outside his classroom last week. They filled the basket with things that reminded them of Mr. Sikora.

In addition to being a trusted friend and valued educator, Nick was an avid hunter, a huge Pitt fan, not to mention a darn good holdem player.

A handful of Sayre friends and colleagues met with Nick’s high school friends at their stomping ground, Morris’ Tavern. We got to see “Nick’s chair” at their “regular” table. I am thankful for the many new memories and stories that we shared with each other.

Perhaps, former student Galen Briggs put it into context best. Speaking at Nick’s memorial service at the high school yesterday, Galen spoke in terms of mathematics and extrapolation… he related how Mr. Sikora’s reach is truly immeasurable. He touched many lives, who in turn will touch lives, and so on, and so on. From doctors and lawyers to teachers and pharmacists, many in this world got their foundational values in Mr. Sikora’s class.

Current students Tarah Kelley and Brittney Wilkerson also offered tales of Mr. Sikora’s classroom style and demeanor, relating just what an impact he had on their Calculus class.

Nick was more than just a teacher Kevin and Carla Craig said. The advice to “not skip steps” was so much than just a math lesson; it was a life lesson that his students are sure to remember for years to come.

Mr. Sutryk concluded with heartfelt remembrance of Nick, even donning his (Nick’s) Thurman Thomas Bills jersey.

Many colleagues spoke at Nick’s Beaverdale service, including Mr. Polinski who was the glue that kinda held it together for me. Mr. P. fulfilled a promise to Nick’s mum, expressing yesterday his family’s and neighbors’ thankfulness for the outpouring of sympathy and gratitude for Nick on Friday and Saturday.

On Saturday, Mr. Stropko said it well… it is we who should be thankful for having had Nick in our lives the past 17 years.


From Mr. Sikora’s classroom. One of his many fabled expressions.

One thing is certain. Mr. Sikora will always make us Redskin Proud, and his legacy will live on forever.

May he rest in peace.

Please share your memories…