SHS Spirit Week 2016

Here are some highlights from last week’s Spirit Week activities. Many thanks to senior class advisor, Miss Cochi, for organizing all the activities. And thanks also to Mr. Polinski for being the official photographer of all Sayre High School greatness. And lastly, kudos to all the awesome students and staff who participated in the activities. These are the most memorable moments of our lives!

2016 Powder Puff Winners


Photo credit: Daniel M Polinski — Yay Freshman!

‘Merica Monday

Is this an advertisement for a new Spiderman movie? Or is it our very own Trent Callear? You decide. Sayre student body showed great patriotism today with many creative outfits.


Photo credit: Daniel M. Polinski

Nerd Tuesday

Some of these nerds didn’t have to work very hard at it… LOL. This group of seniors was totally into the part — suspenders, horn-rimmed glasses, and all!


Photo credit: Daniel M. Polinski

Class Color Wednesday

Those who walk these hallowed halls should remember whose house this is… the mighty Seniors! Rank has its privilege, and the Seniors have earned it. Respect the Senior!


Photo credit: Daniel M. Polinski – Respect the Senior!

Throwback Thursday

This was my favorite day! Many students went all out for this day. Here are Rosie the Rivoter and Danny with Sandy.



Photo credit: Daniel M. Polinski

Pride Friday

During the pep rally, the student body votes crowned a King…


Photo credit: Daniel M. Polinski – King Ed

And on Saturday a Queen…


Photo credit: Daniel M. Polinski – Queen

And then many alumni took pride in Sayre whopping Troy Saturday at homecoming.


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