Taking Care of You to Take Care of Your Grade

As we move into finals week here at SHS, make sure you are taking care of you. I remember a time in my life when I did foolish things. One time I stayed out very late the night before an exam. Even though I was young, I recall not being as sharp as I could have been. Foggy, I believe is the word.



Get enough rest in the days leading up to exam week. It’s been a long school year with a brutal winter. You’ve been working hard, so your body will take several days to fully re-charge. You’re going to need that energy to carry you through three straight days of testing. Teens should be aiming for 9-10 hours of sleep per night.

eating right

Eat Well

Avoid sugar-laden snacks like pop tarts, cereal, pastries, cookies, and so forth. Opt instead for nutrient dense whole foods like fruits and vegetables. Also stick to whole grains. Finally, my favorite? The incredible edible egg. Eggs have the most bio-available protein next to whey. And they are loaded with choline which aids in brain function.



Your teachers probably gave you review packets, mock exams, or something to help guide your studying efforts. Use these to your advantage. Use these final class days to ask clarifying questions.