Test Better Without Studying

Like them or not, tests are here to stay… at least for the time being. Here are five helpful tips I have compiled to help you score better on your next test whether you study or not.

Generic pic of primary student sitting an exam.

1. Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Studies reveal that youngsters require up to 9 hours of sleep each night. So you might want to skip the Call of Duty marathon sessions into the wee hours the nights leading up to a big test.

2. Be Prepared

I know I promised no studying. By being prepared, I’m talking about taking inventory.

  • Notes? Check!
  • Pencil? Check!
  • Calculator? Check!
  • Brain? Check!

The last thing you want is to be stressing about those materials right before the test. (If push comes to shove, see me. I’ve gotcha covered!)

3. Skip Hard Question First

If you can’t determine an answer straight away, skip the problem. Make sure you get to the problems that you know. They are easy points. Plus, answering easy questions first helps calm your nerves and builds up confidence. Then, you can tackle the more challenging problems.

4. Chew a Stick of Gum (if you’re Allowed)

I always encourage my students to chew gum during an exam. Research indicates that chewing gum stimulates cranial nerves that run through the jaw and that are related to thought processes. Why do you suppose people scratch their chin when they are thinking?

5. Review Your Test When Finished

I wish I had a nickel every time I heard a student do the Homer Simpson when I returned a test. DOH! I don’t know what the data on this, but I have seen enough silly mistakes made in haste to be convinced that it makes a difference. So if you have enough time, double check your work — especially calculator work. Your fingers are not as perfect as your brain.

Hopefully, these five simple reminders will help you save a few more points on your next test.