The One Thing You Need to Do to Succeed

Drive faster!

The weather is getting nicer outside. Keystone Exams are over. But the fat lady has yet to sing. You can’t presume to know the outcome of an event that is still in progress. There are still two weeks until underclassmen final exams. There are still topics to be learned. Don’t flush months of hard work down the toilet with childlike antics during the final 10 days of class.


Put the pedal to the metal. Do you think Denny Hamlin took his foot off the gas on the last lap of the Daytona 500? Heck no! He put the hammer down all the way to the finish line. For you, the finish line is the final exam. Like the Terminator, you must absolutely not stop — EVER! — until your mission is accomplished.

Is it hard? Yes, it’s very hard. But that’s what makes it worth doing. No place worth going will ever be easy to get to. And remember the one thing no one (including the government) can ever take away from you is your education. What’s in your head stays there… provided you use it. Just like bodybuilders’ muscles turn to flab if they quit lifting weights, your brain turns to mush when you quit using it.

Bottom line? Be cool. Listen to your teachers. And finish like a Redskin!