On Reading Assignments…

If you are choosing to go to college (or take a dual-enrollment course), then you should expect reading assignments. Your instructor lectures on the assumption that students have read — multiple times if necessary — the assigned reading. Students who are not willing to put in the hours and do the work do not have the right to be upset with anyone but themselves if they do not understand the content being discussed in the classroom.

And remember that instructors have office hours (9th period at SHS), colleges and universities have tutoring centers (NHS tutoring at SHS), and so on. This is why earning a college degree is so coveted. That diploma is more than just a piece of paper… it is an indication to the world that you have grown up and taken ownership of your learning.

On Grade Improvement

If you’re doing grade improvement, start thinking about wrapping it up. We’re just 5 days from mid-quarter progress reports going home.

See me to get a custom plan for improvement. Remembering that in math it’s all about the standards, every situation is still unique. I am willing to work with you if you’re willing to work with me, but you have to get in to see me during Academic Enhancement.

On emailing…

If you choose not to complete an assignment in a timely fashion, your teacher may not be able to enter your eventual grade in a timely fashion. That’s why due dates and deadlines exist! 🙂

In the event that you realize that you have put yourself in this situation (for whatever reason), refrain from inundating your teacher’s email inbox with demands. The longer your teacher has to spend responding to these types of emails, the longer it will take to get your late grades entered.

Think like a Redskin!

Beginning Anew…

Well SHS students… we are on the downhill side of another school year. Yay, summer!

But remember we still have two markings periods to go. Don’t lose focus.

And if you temporarily lost focus during the first or second marking periods, also remember that your past does not determine your future. You have the power to achieve anything you set your mind to. Buckle down, and finish hard!

Magic Pills

If there were magic pills that made you better at math, you’d take them wouldn’t you?

What if I told you that such a magic pill exists? Don’t believe me? It does.

It’s called doing your practice. That’s right. Doing your assignments is the magic pill. It takes about 20-30 minutes to swallow, but it works extremely well for fixing your struggles in math.

Try it! You’ll like the results!


Failure is a step in the right direction. Edison said that with every mistake, he learned another way NOT to make a light bulb. Though it may not always feel that way, failing is a building block… provided you learn from the mistake. Mistakes will happen. Failure is temporary; giving up makes it permanent.

Never give up.