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Larson Pre-algebra
Larson Pre-algebra will give you a strong foundation in algebra while also preparing you for the future study of geometry, probability, and data analysis. The clearly written lessons make even difficult math concepts and methods understandable by providing numerous stepped-out examples. Each lesson's exercise set includes a wide variety of exercises, ranging from basic exercises that help you develop and practice skills to challenging exercises that involve logical reasoning and problem solving. This course also helps you become better at taking notes and taking tests. Look for a notetaking strategy at the beginning of each chapter as well as helpful marginal notes throughout each chapter. The marginal notes give you support in keeping a notebook, studying math, reading algebra and geometry, doing homework, using technology, and reviewing for tests. Also look for instruction and practice that prepare you for taking standardized tests with questions in multiple choice, short response, and extended response formats. In all these ways -- and many more -- Larson Pre-algebra puts you on the road to success in mathematics.
Module 1 Integers, Equations, and Inequalities (34 days)
Unit 1 CHAPTER 1: Variables, Expressions, and Integers (10 days)
Unit 2 CHAPTER 2: Solving Equations (12 days)
Unit 3 CHAPTER 3: Multi-Step Equations and Inequalities (12 days)
Module 2 Rational Numbers and Proportions (46 days)
Unit 1 CHAPTER 4: Factors, Fractions, and Exponents (10 days)
Unit 2 CHAPTER 5: Rational Numbers and Equations (14 days)
Unit 3 CHAPTER 6: Ratio, Proportion, and Probability (12 days)
Unit 4 CHAPTER 7: Percents (10 days)
Module 3 Functions, Geometry, and Measurement (40 days)
Unit 1 CHAPTER 8: Linear Functions (14 days)
Unit 2 CHAPTER 9: Real Numbers and Right Triangles (14 days)
Unit 3 CHAPTER 10: Measurement, Area, and Volume (12 days)
Module 4 Data Analysis, Probability, and Transformations (40 days)
Unit 1 CHAPTER 11: Data Analysis and Probability (14 days)
Unit 2 CHAPTER 12: Polynomials and Nonlinear Functions (14 days)
Unit 3 CHAPTER 13: Angle Relationships and Transformations (12 days)
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