What To Do When You’re Bored in School

Tuesday Tip of the Week

Nothing cures boredom like cognitive engagement. If you’re bored, ask yourself an important question: Is it it my teacher’s job to entertain me? Or to educate me?

Who’s job is it to bring motivation to the table? Education is a two-way street. Teachers teach; students learn. So ask yourself…

Am I truly plugged in?

Research (and common sense) reveals that cognitive engagement is the antidote to classroom boredom. Bored people are bored, because they aren’t doing anything.

And if you’re taking challenging Pre-AP college prep courses, then plugging in is even more important. People don’t earn college degrees sitting on the back of turnip trucks. They earn degrees by rolling up their sleeves, doing some heavy lifting, and never giving up.

Yes, part of active engagement is staying plugged in even when it’s a tough subject. Stop expecting to master complicated conceptual topics the instant of exposure. No place worth going is easy to get to.

Finally remember that things that are easy to learn have limited value in the marketplace. That’s why a surgeon earns more than her secretary.

Unleash the power of your brain. Get connected to school by cognitively engaging, and cure boredom.

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