Why You Should Lock Your Locker

Although many students see it as an inconvenience when they are rushing to classes, there are many reasons that lockers should be secured with a padlock or combination lock.


The most obvious reason to lock your locker is to secure your belongings. Jackets, new textbooks, and cell phones are expensive, and you don’t want them getting disappeared on you. And your notebooks are probably worth far more than money. Money can be replaced, but all your hard work taking notes is more difficult to replace.


Securing your locker with a lock not only protects your belongings from being stolen, but it also prevents other unscrupulous types from ditching contraband in your locker. That’s right! If school authorities (i.e., building administrators) find contraband in your locker, you are the one who gets busted! It’s doesn’t matter if you put it there or not. You signed off on the use of the locker.

So keep a lock on your locker. Compared to what it secures and protects, locking your locker is a minor inconvenience.

Do you lock your locker?