Is being principle-centered more important than transcripts?

Jim Rohn once said that Mr. Shoaff told him to work harder on himself than he did on his job, and that changed everything for him. For students, school is your job. You are not getting paid in currency. You are being paid in something far more valuable to your future, and I’m not talking about grades — it’s all about the learning!

report-cardI have always promised that if you focus on the learning that your grades will take care of themselves. What are grades after all, but a measure of your level of learning and content mastery?

Working hard to micro-managing grades while disregarding learning makes for pretty report cards. But does that necessarily translate to having the right stuff for real world opportunities? For sure, employers like respectable grade reports. But what they really like are people with marketable skills. Often, the real world will need to verify the wonderful things your favorite teachers and professors have written in your reference letters.

Everyone needs to realize that grades are not a measure of intelligence. They are a measure of content mastery…. at least they’re supposed to be. While being intelligent may be helpful in that pursuit, perseverance is the real characteristic that separates the wheat from the chaff, the vital few from the useful many.

Remember to always ask yourself one important question in all your academic pursuits.

When you leave these hallowed halls, what did you learn that you can share with the world?