You’ve Come a Long Way

Congratulations seniors! You have completed a long and difficult segment of your journey. However, this is only the end of another chapter. Six years ago, you began your present chapter when you graduated from sixth grade at Snyder Elementary. High school is finished now, too. After next week, you begin yet another chapter. That’s why they call it a commencement ceremony. Now the fun begins.

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You are embarking on a new journey… a new beginning… In a few days or weeks, some of you will have entered the workforce. Others will be enlisting in the service. Some will be attending university in a few short months this fall. One thing for sure? The life you know is fading away. But something new and exciting is approaching on the horizon to replace it. Enjoy this short in-between, but embrace the coming change. Look for new challenges, because every new experience is preparing you for something later in your journey. Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s learning to dance in the rain.

As your new story unfolds, always remember that you are the author. You control the genre, the tempo, and the characters who come and go. You will make mistakes — lots of mistakes. But you will learn from them. And as long as you keep moving forward, nothing can stop you.

Stay Redskin proud!