How to Change

Internalization means making things your responsibility

Even if the consequence of a situation is not your fault, you can learn from the event by making it your responsibility. This is what Adam calls internalization.

Too many of us blame others for our shortcomings. I flunked because the teachers sucks. We lost because our coach screwed up. I’m fat because of McDonald’s. You get the idea…

What Adam suggests is recognizing that some things do suck, but owning the experience helps us to avoid making similar mistakes in the future. Through internalization, we can make sense of the bad experiences that may come our way through no fault of our own.

It has been said the becoming a victim of circumstance may not be your fault. But staying a victim is.

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Have You Taken Advantage of Do-Overs?

Marking period ends Nov. 1

As all students know, here at SHS we have a do-over policy on tests. My policy adds a caveat. I will not retest without doing a reteach. That is, you must visit me 9th period, so I can explain any errors that were made thereby preventing you from making the same mistake on the do-over. During a subsequent 9th period, you can attend to take Form B of the exam in question.


The one thing many students do not seem to know is that the marking period ends in six days and what the timeline is for do-overs.

It is officially the eleventh hour. If you were intending on a do-over, now is the time to act.

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