I know we all procrastinate from time to time. Why do now that which I can put off until tomorrow seems to be their mantra. And there is so much competition for their time. Unfortunately, the threshold for external stimuli is pretty low for many students. My favorite reason for procrastination is that by waiting to write that paper, the student will be older and therefore wiser. So the paper will sound better, because you’re older and wiser? Good one…

Ultimately, it’s about pain and pleasure. Humans do things either to gain pleasure or avoid pain. It is easier to put off the pain of doing our taxes than to pursue the pleasure of having our taxes done. And we all are willing to work harder to avoid pain than to gain pleasure. Dealing with the short-term is in our DNA. I can’t worry about gathering firewood for next month… the mastodon might catch and eat me today!

How Much Should Homework Count?

Here's what education expert Rick Wormeli has to say about it

Homework should probably count zero percent. But 5% or less is acceptable. According to Rick Wormeli, the grade report should be an indication of what a student has learned against the standards. By counting homework practice, he contends that the grade report is in essence falsified, perhaps even unethical.

Tips for Overcoming Procrastination

Students have procrastinated completing assignments since there have been schools. Everyone procrastinates from time to time. This SciShow video explains why we all procrastinate and provides tips for overcoming procrastination. I thought this may be helpful as we head into finals.

Didn’t watch the whole thing? Here are the Noldy Notes:

  1. Break task down into smaller more manageable chunks. The feeling of success you get from the little tasks can help propel you forward along to victory.
  2. Visualization, that is picturing your future self having already completed the task you are putting off.
  3. Acknowledge and accept the feeling of procrastination. Don’t feel guilty. There’s nothing wrong with you. These are normal feelings that we all have.

Motivational Video

Hey Numeracy Nation! Movie Monday’s video is of the motivational variety. It’s a year old, but I just cam across it recently. A motivational speech set to a variety of movie clips, The Greatness Within is a pretty great video.

Click here to check out more inspirational content from MotivationGrid. Or check out their web site here.

Good News about Cell Phones for Students

(and parents!)

Hey there, Numeracy Nation! It “movie Monday,” and as a parent and teacher, I was so relieved to hear the information reported in this video. Although I’d tend to be more worried about my kids finger tips than their brain. Kids seem to be mostly be texting these days!

Check out more SciShow content on YouTube. You’ll be glad you did!