Numeracy is an indication of one’s understanding of numbers. It’s all about number sense, really. And it’s the ability to communicate that sense with others. Sounds intimidating? Don’t let it freak you out. If you can count money, figure out new iPhone apps, or follow a recipe, chances are you’re on the path to numeracy. That’s really all it is. Numeracy is not necessarily about crushing it in the calculus (although that’s a really good feeling!). Less than 0.11% of the world’s population understands calculus. Not that calculus isn’t worth learning. It is essential if you’re going to be an engineer, a chemist, or a math teacher. But arithmetic is more essential, because the “every day Joe” has to balance a checkbook, make a family budget, borrow money, invest for retirement, and so on.

Number sense is simply acquiring the knack for understanding the way numbers behave and being able to function arithmetically. Plus, an arithmetic test is the screening tool of choice for most employers.


PA Core Standards for Mathematics

PA Core Standards Mathematics PreK-12 March 2014


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