I Wasn’t the Only One Talking

This is the second most common thing students say when asked stop talking.  Please know that you were not singled out.  You singled yourself out, because you were talking the most, or quite likely the loudest.

Have you ever driven (or ridden) on the highway and seen a speed trap?  Lots and lots of drivers exceed the speed limit.  But who does the officer pull over?  Usually the officer will nab the car that was going the fastest.  Why?  Because crazy fast speeders stand out like a sore thumb!

When you talk loud and frequently during class, you stand out like a Ferrari California GT blazing down the highway at 90 miles per hour!  While that may seem super cool, consider saving all that energy and your need for speed for the playing field.

Photo credit: Diseno Art

Photo credit: Diseno Art

And if you are asked to stop talking, don’t argue.  Just stop talking.  Your teacher has 42 minutes to help you learn.  Make every one of those minutes count.

Oh… Were you wondering what the most common excuse is?  I wasn’t talking.  It’s also the least creative, don’t you think?