Is Mobile Technology Addictive?

Although few would argue that mobile technology is one of humanity’s greatest inventions, one must ponder whether the average human even scratches the surface of what his or her mobile device’s capabilities. Today’s smart phone replaces a clock, a timer, a stopwatch, and an alarm clock. A calculator. A calendar. A reminder service. An email reader. An ebook reader. An Internet browser. A GPS device. A music player. An online course catalog. A home security platform. A banking tool. A heart rate monitor. A word processor. A spreadsheet. A still camera. A movie camera. A photo album. A F2F comm device… You get the idea. And that’s just native apps! Marvelous machines, for sure…

In schools, a day does not go by that youngsters can’t be seen walking the halls, head down, enchanted by their iPhone. I am a huge proponent of classroom technology. After all, I’m a blogger, an online course designer, and an author. But for most students, mobile technology seems barely more than an expensive texting machine that takes pictures and makes phone calls. Doubtful? Ask a high schooler what Nozbe is? How about Spark? Evernote? With so many great apps, why do most “screenagers” do more little than text, snap, and listen to music.

Have You Taken Advantage of Do-Overs?

Marking period ends Nov. 1

As all students know, here at SHS we have a do-over policy on tests. My policy adds a caveat. I will not retest without doing a reteach. That is, you must visit me 9th period, so I can explain any errors that were made thereby preventing you from making the same mistake on the do-over. During a subsequent 9th period, you can attend to take Form B of the exam in question.


The one thing many students do not seem to know is that the marking period ends in six days and what the timeline is for do-overs.

It is officially the eleventh hour. If you were intending on a do-over, now is the time to act.

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Are You Always Late?

Three-point Thursday

I read a report just this morning suggesting that chronic lateness is a mental disorder. What!? How can that be? I guess this just goes to show that you can clinicalize anything. But in the spirit of not making excuses for annoying behavior, I am going to focus on three legitimate reasons why people run late. Love being on summer time…

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