Is Mobile Technology Addictive?

Although few would argue that mobile technology is one of humanity’s greatest inventions, one must ponder whether the average human even scratches the surface of what his or her mobile device’s capabilities. Today’s smart phone replaces a clock, a timer, a stopwatch, and an alarm clock. A calculator. A calendar. A reminder service. An email reader. An ebook reader. An Internet browser. A GPS device. A music player. An online course catalog. A home security platform. A banking tool. A heart rate monitor. A word processor. A spreadsheet. A still camera. A movie camera. A photo album. A F2F comm device… You get the idea. And that’s just native apps! Marvelous machines, for sure…

In schools, a day does not go by that youngsters can’t be seen walking the halls, head down, enchanted by their iPhone. I am a huge proponent of classroom technology. After all, I’m a blogger, an online course designer, and an author. But for most students, mobile technology seems barely more than an expensive texting machine that takes pictures and makes phone calls. Doubtful? Ask a high schooler what Nozbe is? How about Spark? Evernote? With so many great apps, why do most “screenagers” do more little than text, snap, and listen to music.

Daylight Saving Time Begins Tomorrow

Lose 1 hour of sleep

SpringForwardDon’t forget to turn your clocks ahead one hour tonight. Although we sacrifice an hour of sleep, staying lighter later is the payoff. Isn’t that true of everything in life. Short-term pain leads to long-term gain.

For kids, staying light out an hour later means more bike riding, more playground basketball, and more Frisbee with your dog. For grown-ups, it often means peeling those unwanted pounds acquired during the winter months. Time for me to buy some new running sneakers!

The days will continue to get longer until June 21, which is the longest day of the year in the Northern hemisphere. If you love summer as much as me, then turning the clocks ahead is a sure sign that fun times are just around the corner.

Have a great weekend!

Have You Taken Advantage of Do-Overs?

Marking period ends Nov. 1

As all students know, here at SHS we have a do-over policy on tests. My policy adds a caveat. I will not retest without doing a reteach. That is, you must visit me 9th period, so I can explain any errors that were made thereby preventing you from making the same mistake on the do-over. During a subsequent 9th period, you can attend to take Form B of the exam in question.


The one thing many students do not seem to know is that the marking period ends in six days and what the timeline is for do-overs.

It is officially the eleventh hour. If you were intending on a do-over, now is the time to act.

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SHS Spirit Week 2016

Here are some highlights from last week’s Spirit Week activities. Many thanks to senior class advisor, Miss Cochi, for organizing all the activities. And thanks also to Mr. Polinski for being the official photographer of all Sayre High School greatness. And lastly, kudos to all the awesome students and staff who participated in the activities. These are the most memorable moments of our lives!

2016 Powder Puff Winners


Photo credit: Daniel M Polinski — Yay Freshman!

‘Merica Monday

Is this an advertisement for a new Spiderman movie? Or is it our very own Trent Callear? You decide. Sayre student body showed great patriotism today with many creative outfits.


Photo credit: Daniel M. Polinski

Nerd Tuesday

Some of these nerds didn’t have to work very hard at it… LOL. This group of seniors was totally into the part — suspenders, horn-rimmed glasses, and all!


Photo credit: Daniel M. Polinski

Class Color Wednesday

Those who walk these hallowed halls should remember whose house this is… the mighty Seniors! Rank has its privilege, and the Seniors have earned it. Respect the Senior!


Photo credit: Daniel M. Polinski – Respect the Senior!

Throwback Thursday

This was my favorite day! Many students went all out for this day. Here are Rosie the Rivoter and Danny with Sandy.



Photo credit: Daniel M. Polinski

Pride Friday

During the pep rally, the student body votes crowned a King…


Photo credit: Daniel M. Polinski – King Ed

And on Saturday a Queen…


Photo credit: Daniel M. Polinski – Queen

And then many alumni took pride in Sayre whopping Troy Saturday at homecoming.


Ready to join the Nation?

Are You Always Late?

Three-point Thursday

I read a report just this morning suggesting that chronic lateness is a mental disorder. What!? How can that be? I guess this just goes to show that you can clinicalize anything. But in the spirit of not making excuses for annoying behavior, I am going to focus on three legitimate reasons why people run late. Love being on summer time…

The One Thing You Need to Do to Succeed

Drive faster!

The weather is getting nicer outside. Keystone Exams are over. But the fat lady has yet to sing. You can’t presume to know the outcome of an event that is still in progress. There are still two weeks until underclassmen final exams. There are still topics to be learned. Don’t flush months of hard work down the toilet with childlike antics during the final 10 days of class.

Staying Cool and Being Cool

Tuesday Tip of the Week

As the end of the school gets closer, the temperature gets higher. And when the mercury in the thermometer creeps up, up, up, we all need to remember to stay cool and be cool. The former concerns your health, while the latter concerns behavioral mindfulness.

1. Staying Cool for Your Health

We are in mid-May, and the temperature is already starting to rise — going for 75 degrees today as I write this article. Hydration is immensely more important than parents and educators ever realized a generation ago. We used to just wait until we were thirsty and then get a drink of water. Now experts tell us that if we are thirsty, then we are already on the road to dehydration. Staying hydrated means drinking water throughout the day prior to experiencing thirst. According to the Mayo Clinic, most of us should remain optimally hydrated if we take in about 1.5 liters of water a day.


Staying hydrated means drinking metered amounts of water throughout the day to avoid dehydration. I’m sure that rules vary from school-to-school, but most schools allows students to carry a water bottle, or as I like to call them, PHDs (personal hydration devices, a fancy term for simple water bottle, but hey — I’m a math teacher!) Do your best to be considerate of your teachers and classmates by re-filling your water bottle between classes. Asking to hydrate in the middle of a lesson is being a bit of a nuisance. Some schools, like Williamsport, even have refilling stations just for water bottles (see photo at left). These are likely to become ubiquitous, appearing in all schools.

2. Being Cool for Your Reputation

As the temperatures rise — to sometimes in excess of 95 degrees in some of our classrooms — please remember that it’s hot for all of us. Don’t be that incessant chatterbox who chronically whines about how hot it is and how miserable they are are. Doing so will not change the heat or humidity, and frankly people who belly-ache about things they cannot influence are typically viewed as being less than brilliant.

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 9.19.38 AM

And believe it or not, your teachers are probably just as antsy as you are about the school year ending and summer vacation starting. Contrary to widespread belief, we’re people, too. We don’t get plugged into a closet down in maintenance or central supply. So on those days when it’s hotter than a black tin roof in the middle of July, beating the heat sometimes just means learning how to be tolerant and making the best of a sticky situation. June 15 will be here soon enough! Don’t wish your life away.

So remember, stay cool by drinking water, and be cool by not complaining about the heat.