What is Precalculus?

The Precalculus course is designed for students who want to be better prepared for the ACE Calculus course (or a college Calculus course if you’re a senior) so that they may start in higher level courses upon entering college. This standard Precalculus course has been enhanced with additional curated materials in my online course that promote deeper mathematical understanding of the topics, extending the topics past what is given in a standard course. Topics presented in this course are not found in a typical high school curriculum.

In a manner of speaking you have made it to an elite club. You have reached a mathematical level that will enable you to understand the “short-cuts” of top math students.

B.Y.O.M. (Bring Your Own Motivation)

Grades are not the only indicator of who is likely to excel in Precalculus and beyond. Motivation and willingness to work hard are two important factors for success that students must bring to the table. Certain learning styles may be more compatible with learning the Precalculus.

Motivating factors can include:

  • your tentative career choice
  • your affinity for the subject matter
  • your aptitude for the subject matter
  • your parents’ desire for you to excel academically
  • the academic prestige brought from enrolling in challenging courses

Students’ personality traits will vary widely. Some of you will be extremely independent and prefer to work alone, while some of you are more social and will prefer the security of working in a group and exchanging ideas. Some of you will take on a leadership role in the classroom, while others will be more discreet and have concerns addressed in private. Some of you will want to figure things out in a way that makes sense to you, while others will me more willing to accept my explanation. Some of you will be intimidated by peer pressure, afraid of giving a wrong answer in a public forum. Others will take a stab at any query, learning from your mistakes. Some of you will not realize when you have struggled enough and know that it is time to seek help, while some of you will give up too soon and look for someone else to show you their solution.

I am here to help, but you have to tell me where it hurts. If you do happen to find yourself struggling, ask yourself why. What specifically is the sticking point? When you visit the doctor, you have to report your symptoms (e.g., sore throat, aching knee, etc.), so that he or she can diagnose your ails and prescribe a path to wellness. Academics works in much the same way. Academically speaking, don’t wait for the autopsy (i.e., bad test score) to be told your cause of death. Nip problems in the bud. Just as in medicine, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Best wishes!

Course Materials